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The Arctic ~ A harsh environment A windy day at camp

The arctic is one of the harshest environments you can find on the earth. Still, the Inuit and their ancestors have lived here for thousands of years. They built homes and developed perfectly adapted technologies from the limited resources available to feed and clothe themselves.

Life had not always stayed the same. Over time, arctic people have changed the ways they adapted to the natural environment and the ways they viewed the world.

A circumpolar Region

The lands of Nunavut and the rest of Arctic Canada are part of the northern circumpolar region of the globe, along with northern Europe, Asia and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland).

These are the high latitude lands, above the tree ling and covered in tundra. The Arctic lands take many forms, from high mountains to plains and lowlands, most with little or no soil.


The traditional inhabitants of the area are the Netsilik Inuit or Netsilingmiut who are known as the 'people of the seal' due to the abundance of seals in the area.

"I have heard of the Netsilik Lake, I know it very well. The seals swim up to the river from the sea. My uncle once caught a seat at the lake when he was still alive. He caught a seal during the spring at Netsilik Lake when he was still alive. The seals swim up the river to the lake. So that is why it is called Netsilik which means "there is seal", and we are now called Netsilingmiut."

Mary Ittunga

Where is Taloyoak, Nunavut?

The community of Taloyoak, Nunavut is the northernmost community on the Canadian mainland, situated at 69 degrees 32' North latitude.

Taloyoak, Nunavut Taloyoak Nunavut

Though the Inuit peoples have inhabited the Netsilik area for thousands of years, the modern community of Taloyoak, previously Spence Bay, was formed in 1948 when the Hudson Bay Company moved their trading post to the area from Fort Ross.

Currently, the community of Taloyoak is home to approximately seven hundred people

Place Names Project and Map

In 2004 Inuit Heritage trust worked with the community of Taloyoak, Nunavut to create this place names map.

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