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Inuit Heritage Trust Incorporated would like to thank the following people/organizations for their help and support in this project:


Canadian Heritage, Gateway Fund, under Canadian Culture Online

Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, Government of Nunavut


Shirley Tagalik, Department of Education, Government of Nunavut

Collene Armstrong of PointsNorth Design

Inukshuk Tagalik

Community of Taloyoak:

The Northern Store

The Nunavut Plaaning Commission

The local radio station

Jimmy Oleekatalik

Peter Lyall

Simon Poodlat

Tony Itunga

Nauyuq Ugruk

Jesse Idlout

Louise Anaija

James Eetalook

Mary Kinatook


Bibian Margnik (Neeveeovak)

Martha and Joseph Qilluniq

Mary Ittunga

Bernadette and Matthew Uttaq

Lena Kingmeaktok

Judas Ikidluaq

Peter Peetooloot

Philomena Totalik


Annie Oleekatalik

Peggy Ittunga

Peter Totalik

Sandy Oleekatalik

Nancy Paniloo

Bengy Qilluniq


Ken Swayze of Kinickinick Heritage Consultants

David Pelly


This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online