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Thunder and Stone:
Nunavusiutit 9

Thunder and Stone: Nunavusiutit 9This module has been developed for grade 9 level students in Nunavut schools based on learning competencies identified in the WNCP social studies curriculum. The module provides study into the theme of Inuit identity with a focus on Inuit spirituality, specifically amongst the Netsilingmiut of the Boothia Peninsula area. The module draws extensively on a website developed collaboratively by IHT, Taloyoak elders and students, and archaeologists who worked at a number of important dig sites including the Thunder House site. We suggest that it be accompanied by viewing videos from the Netsilik Eskimo Series available from the National Film Board. Taken Together, students will be able to gain a rich sense of traditional life in Inuit society.

Section 1 (PDF – 332 Kb)
Unit 1 (PDF – 160 Kb)
Unit 2 (PDF – 4 Mb)
Unit 3 (PDF – 144 Kb)
Unit 4 (PDF – 1.4 Mb)
Unit 5 (PDF – 1.3 Mb)

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